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    Ronda Centro

    Überdacht (2.1m)
    0 Min (0m)

    APK2 Arabial

    Überdacht (2.1m)
    1 Min (58m)

    GP Violón

    Überdacht (2.1m)
    11 Min (631m)

    Cruz de Lagos

    Überdacht (2.1m)
    12 Min (747m)

    APK2 Puerta Real

    Überdacht (2m)
    13 Min (775m)
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    14 Min (865m)

    Parking Sócrates

    Überdacht (2.2m)
    14 Min (868m)

    APK2 Escolapios

    Überdacht (2.2m)
    16 Min (931m)
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    La Carrera - Realejo

    Überdacht (1.83m)
    17 Min (1.0Km)

    AUSSA Hermanos Maristas

    Überdacht (2.3m)
    17 Min (1.0Km)

    Centro - Méndez Núñez

    Überdacht (2.15m)
    22 Min (1.3Km)

    Severo Ochoa - San Jerónimo

    Überdacht (2.1m)
    24 Min (1.4Km)

    Ibis Granada

    Überdacht (1.96m)
    24 Min (1.5Km)

    APK2 Triunfo

    Überdacht (1.95m)
    32 Min (1.9Km)

    GP Nuevo los Cármenes

    Überdacht (3m)
    33 Min (2.0Km)

    PARKIA San Lázaro

    Überdacht (2.3m)
    34 Min (2.0Km)

    PARKIA La Caleta

    Überdacht (2.3m)
    36 Min (2.2Km)

    IC Hospital Virgen de las Nieves

    Überdacht (2.1m)
    43 Min (2.6Km)
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    APK2 Mondragones

    Überdacht (2.2m)
    43 Min (2.6Km)

    APK2 Traumatología

    Überdacht (2.2m)
    48 Min (2.9Km)

Ronda Centro

Calle Profesor García Gómez, 2
Über das Parkhaus
The Ronda Centro car park, which is located on Profesor García Gómez street, is a car park in Granada open 24 hours a day, and perfect for parking in the Ronda neighborhood. This covered car park is close to the Neptuno Shopping Center and has quick access to the A-44. In addition, you can park outside the downtown area of Granada (about a 20-minute walk), which as you know, only residents and authorized vehicles can enter. With the Ronda Centro car park, you can park cheaply in Granada while you benefit from a covered and monitored car park fitted with handicapped spots and open 24 hours a day. Another great advantage is that this car park is close to several restaurants in the Ronda neighborhood, the perfect area for getting tapas. Book the Ronda Centro car park now and enjoy its great benefits. Parking in Granada has never been so easy!Weniger lesen
Öffnungszeiten des Parkhauses
24 Stunden am Tag geöffnet
montag Bis freitag 08:00 - 20:00
samstag 08:00 - 16:00
sonntag geschlossen
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TO OPEN THE BARRIER: take a ticket. Park in any free space. Go to the office with your reservation and the ticket.

DEPARTURE: go to the office with your Parclick reservation during check-in hours.

IF YOUR BOOKING ALLOWS UNLIMITED ENTRANCE AND EXIT: go to the office with your Parclick reservation during check-in hours.


Calle Arabial 16

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