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    Parking Le Saline

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Parking Le Saline

Via I Dorsale Z.I.R,
Über das Parkhaus
If you're wondering why you should choose a car park outside Trapani during your road trip through Sicily, the Parking Le Saline car park has all the answers (and advantages) that you're looking for. Above all, this car park in Trapani, which is located right in the Salt Flats of Trapani area, is open 24 hours and accepts various types of vehicles, such as cars and vans, including also motorbikes and buses. It's easy to find if you're arriving from the motorway (Raccordo Autostradale) or from Via Marsala avenue, so even if you don't know the city, you shouldn't have any problems when you arrive. Great, but once you've parked your car, how are you going to get to the centre of Trapani from this guarded car park on the outskirts? The answer is going to surprise you, and it's that the Parking Le Saline car park offers you a free shuttle, which will take you to the historic centre of Trapani quickly and at any time! This shuttle stops at 9 different points of the city centre, so you can get off when you want and visit each zone of Trapani: 1) On the corner of Via XXX Gennaio and Cortile Zefiro 2) On the corner of Via Ammiraglio Staiti and Via S. Cristoforo 3) On the corner of Via Ammiraglio Staiti and Piazza Garibaldi 4) On the corner of Via Regina Elena and Via Serisso 5) On the corner of Via Duca d'Aosta and Corso Vittorio Emanuele 6) On the corner of Via Libertà and Piazzetta Bacolino 7) On the corner of Via Dante Alighieri and Mercato del Pesce 8) On the corner of Via Dante Alighieri and Palazzo Municipale 9) On the corner of Via Abate Palmerio and Fermata ATM When you want to return to the Parking Le Saline car park, all you have to do is call the staff to ask for the shuttle to come and pick you up. It couldn't be easier ;)Weniger lesen
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Via I Dorsale Z.I.R 3

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