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    MUOVIAMO Flaminio

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    MUOVIAMO Corso di Francia

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    Service Parking - Flaminio

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    Luciani Parking - Parioli

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    Parioli Parking

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    Autorimessa Schiavi di Abruzzo 2000 srl

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    Garage Mazzini

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    Garage Bertollini

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    Autorimessa di Carlo Daniela

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    Garage Dacar

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    SABA Villa Borghese

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    Jacoangeli Autoservizi srl

    Überdacht (3m)
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    Überdacht (2.8m)
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    MC S.R.L - Via Nemorense

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    Garage Properzio

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    58 Min (3.5Km)

Parkhaus MUOVIAMO Flaminio

Via Riano, 13
Über das Parkhaus
This car park is located outside the ZTL (limited traffic zone). Car park in Rome close to the Rugby Olympic Stadium. The MUOVIAMO Flaminio (ex-Romapaking) car park is truly the best option for parking close to the Flaminio Stadium, which is about 10 minutes away. Also, due to its location, it's ideal if you want to park close to the Olympic stadium in Rome during a soccer match or a concert, since it's just 20 minutes away walking. Within 10 minutes walking of the MUOVIAMO Flaminio (ex-Romapaking) car park, you can also find the Farnesina stadium, the Foro Italico, the Ponte Milvio, also known as the Bridge of Locks, the Palazzetto dello Sport, the Music Auditorium Park, the MAXXI and the National 21st Century Art Museum. That said, if you prefer nature before watching sports or events at the Olympic stadium, near the MUOVIAMO Flaminio (ex-Romapaking) car park you can visit the Villa Glori Gardens and the Tor de Quinto Park, both just 10 minutes from the MUOVIAMO Flaminio (ex-Romapaking) car park. Besides guaranteeing you parking when you most need it, this car park is open 24 hours a day and is under constant video surveillance, allowing you to park in the Olympic stadium carefree. If you're arriving to Rome by car, you'll have no problem accessing the MUOVIAMO Flaminio (ex-Romapaking) car park, thanks to its proximity to the Corso di Francia, the Viale Tor di Quinto and above all the Via del Foro Italico (Tangencial Este of Rome). Near the MUOVIAMO Flaminio (ex-Romapaking) car park, you can find bus stops for lines 32, 69, 200, 201, 223, 226 and N25, which will take you to each area of Rome, including its historic centre. Also, parking in the MUOVIAMO Flaminio (ex-Romapaking) car park, you'll have the chance to charge your electric vehicle or wash your cash.Weniger lesen
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Via Riano 13

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