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RDS Stadium Rimini VIP

Piazzale Renzo Pasolini, 1-4
Über das Parkhaus
WARNING: this car park will only be available during the event days taking place at the RDS Stadium. If parking close to the RDS Stadium of Rímini could have been complicated during the day of an event, things have changed drastically (for the best, of course) with the VIP service offered by the RDS Stadium car park. In fact, by making an online reservation, not only will you have a guaranteed place so as to not waste time driving in circles the day of the event, but also you will have one of the best parking spaces! Book with the RDS Stadium VIP and we guarantee you a place two meters from the entrance of the place, so that you are always the first to arrive and the first to be able to leave ;) Furthermore, this is an outdoor car park, that is constantly monitored and although it is only available during event days, it will allow you to leave your car safely during the time of your stay. Now has come the time to park in Rímini like a rockstar, with the RDS Stadium Rímini VIP car park !Weniger lesen
Öffnungszeiten des Parkhauses
montag Bis freitag 18:00 - 01:00
samstag 14:00 - 01:00
sonntag 18:00 - 01:00
montag Bis freitag 18:00 - 22:00
samstag 14:00 - 22:00
sonntag 18:00 - 22:00
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ARRIVAL: show your Parclick reservation to the staff at the entrance. The operator will accompany you to your reserved place, near the entrance of the Stadium.

IF YOUR BOOKING ALLOWS UNLIMITED ENTRANCE AND EXIT: follow the same process, indicated before, to enter and exit.


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Il personale apparentemente non era al corrente del fatto che il pass VIP dava la possibilità di avere un posto auto vicino all'ingresso/uscita, assicurandomi che al momento dell'uscita si poteva uscire anche (in fondo, dall'altra parte).Weniger lesen