Mediopadana Parking - MP 1 - Scoperto

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    Mediopadana Parking - MP 1 - Coperto

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Mediopadana Parking - MP 1 - Scoperto

Via Abramo Lincoln, 1/B
Über das Parkhaus
Your car in Mediopadana Parking will be delivered sanitized in COVID 19 prevention and the service, the only one in certified structure, will be free. At this car park, you must leave your car keys with the staff. There's a car park in Reggio Emilia that provides a free shuttle to get downtown and see the main city attractions: the Mediopadana Parking – MP 1 – Scoperto car park! This car park is 24-hour, uncovered, constantly monitored and has recharging stations for electric cars... but let's get back to its interesting shuttle service. ;) With this free shuttle, you can get quickly to all these places: - Mediopadana de Reggio Emilia Station (high speed): if you have to take a train to get out of the city for a few days. - MAPEI Stadium: even parking near the stadium in Reggio Emilia is easy. - Reggio Emilia FS Station: you'll get to the Plaza Marconi and take a train in the blink of an eye. - Historic center of Reggio Emilia: to visit the heart of the city without worrying about where to leave your car. Even arriving by car to the Mediopadana Parking - MP 1 – Scoperto car park is easy! You'll find it just 300 meters from the Highway A1 exit, so on the day of your arrival, you can park without wasting a minute (and always at a good price). ;)Weniger lesen
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Via Abramo Lincoln, 1/B