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Mediopadana Parking - MP 1 - Scoperto

Via Abramo Lincoln, 1/B
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There's a car park in Reggio Emilia that provides a free shuttle to get downtown and see the main city attractions: the Mediopadana Parking – MP 1 – Scoperto car park! This car park is 24-hour, uncovered, constantly monitored and has recharging stations for electric cars... but let's get back to its interesting shuttle service. ;) With this free shuttle, you can get quickly to all these places: - Mediopadana de Reggio Emilia Station (high speed): if you have to take a train to get out of the city for a few days. - MAPEI Stadium: even parking near the stadium in Reggio Emilia is easy. - Reggio Emilia FS Station: you'll get to the Plaza Marconi and take a train in the blink of an eye. - Historic center of Reggio Emilia: to visit the heart of the city without worrying about where to leave your car. Even arriving by car to the Mediopadana Parking - MP 1 – Scoperto car park is easy! You'll find it just 300 meters from the Highway A1 exit, so on the day of your arrival, you can park without wasting a minute (and always at a good price). ;) At this car park, you must leave your car keys with the staff.Weniger lesen
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24 Stunden am Tag geöffnet
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Via Abramo Lincoln, 1/B

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