Aéroport de Nice Côte d'Azur - P9 - (1 jour)

Parkhäuser in Passage des Avitailleurs, - 6200. Nizza, Frankreich

Aéroport de Nice Côte d'Azur - P9 - (1 jour)
Barrierefrei 24h-Service Parkplatz mit maximal zulässiger Höhe
Kostenlose Stornierung Flexible Einfahrtszeiten


Aéroport de Nice Côte d'Azur - P9 - (1 jour)

Booking cancellation: they will refund the cost of the booking as long as the cancellation is requested a minimum of 48 hours before the time of arrival confirmed on the reservation document.

Official car park of the Niza Costa Azul Airport. If you're looking for a cheap car park near the Niza Airport, the P9 car park may interest you. Its free shuttle will take you to T1 within 14 minutes and T2 within 9 minutes.

The low-cost Aéroport de Nice Côte d’Azur - P9 Économique car park is easily accesible since it borders the Var river. Also, it's very close to Boulevard René-Cassin, practical if you're coming from far away. Among this car park's benefits, we'll mention its 24-hour accessibility and handicapped parking. Upon your return, you can take the shuttle from Terminal 1 or Terminal 2 of the Niza Airport, as you prefer; both will take you to the P9 car park. And if your plane lands at night, don't worry: the Aéroport de Nice Côte d’Azur - P9 Économique car park is located about a 10-minute walk from Terminal 2 and less than 15 minutes from Terminal 1, thanks to a pedestrian walkway.

If you want to park near the Niza Airport with a good value, the cheap P9 car park is what you need. A few minutes from the Niza Airport, this low-cost car park is very practical for parking near the Niza Airport!

  • Verfügbar für Terminals: T1 T2

  • Zeit zum Terminal: 14 Min. Bis T1, 9 Min. Bis T2 mit Shuttle


  • Passage des Avitailleurs

Wie Sie Ihre Reservierung einlösen

Transfer Fahrplan

1. Von 04:30 Bis 00:30:

Jede 10 Minuten: Wenn du am Treffpunkt angekommen bist, musst du Warten Sie, bis der Shuttle ankommt.

Wie komme ich hin?

Koordinaten: 43.664294926147, 7.2004991516069.

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Am Anfang Ihrer Reise

Bei Ankunft im Parkhaus, zum einfahren, geben Sie Ihren Pager-Code im Eingabefeld ein.

Press OK.

Ort des Shuttle-Stopp zum Terminal: The stop for the free shuttle is located 50 meters from the P9 car park entrance

Nach Rückkehr Ihrer Reise

Sobald Sie Ihr Gepäck haben, gehen Sie zum nächsten Shuttle-Stopp.

Terminal T1:

Die Shuttle-Abholstelle für die Rückkehr zum Parkhaus ist: at the bus stop, upon exiting terminal T1

Terminal T2:

Die Shuttle-Abholstelle für die Rückkehr zum Parkhaus ist: at the bus stop, upon exiting terminal T2

Insert the prepaid ticket you collected at the entrance. In case you overstay the maximum duration of your reservation, you will have to pay an additional charge of 15€ per day at the exit, charged from the first minute of overstay.

Weitere Informationen

The shuttle usually runs until 12:30 pm. However, this service may be extended if a flight is delayed. In case there's no shuttle, you'll have to walk about 10 minutes to Terminal 2 from the P9 car park, using the pedestrian walkways. Directions for access to the P9 car park: 1) Coming from Antibes / Cannes: take the road which runs along the Var river and head towards Terminal 2 from there. P9's entrance will be on your left, around the same area as the first roundabout. 2) Coming from Nice / Monaco: go past the P8 car park, take the route to Terminal 2 and go past the service station. P9's entrance will be on your right in 50m.

Öffnungszeiten des Parkhauses

24 Stunden am Tag geöffnet