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Valet Feeltravel - Puerto de Málaga

Puerto de Málaga
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HOW IT WORKS: This is a valet parking service. Drive to the pick-up point at the address indicated on your booking and the valet parking company staff will pick up your vehicle and take it to a nearby public car park. It will remain there until you ask for it to be returned. Watch out! This is just the meeting point with the driver who will collect your vehicle :) With the Valet Feeltravel, parking near the Málaga Port isn't just easy... you don't even have to park: others will do it for you! We're talking about a car park with valet service. Because it's nicer not to go around in circles looking for parking. Plus, you don't have to be the one doing it. :) A valet driver will take your car to a car park near downtown Málaga. How? Well, it's quite easy: call 15 minutes before arriving, leave your car keys with the driver and he'll be in charge of taking it to a covered car park 15 minutes from the port. This way, your car will be monitored 24 hours a day and even better: you won't have to lug around your suitcases! Upon your return, ta-da! You'll have your car in the same spot where you left it by calling 10 minutes beforehand. Also, did you know this is a 24-hour car park? We think that if you book the "Valet Feeltravel - Puerto de Málaga" car park, you'll be delighted, especially if you're looking for maximum convenience and a car park close to the Málaga Port. ;) At this car park, you must leave your car keys with the staff.Weniger lesen
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Let the car park know by calling 15 minutes before you arrive at the port. They will be waiting to pick up your car. Before handing the keys to the driver, show him your Parclick reservation.

Your valet, with an orange polo shirt, will be waiting for you at the drop off area of your departure terminal.

You have to call 10 minutes before your arrival. The car park staff will bring it back to where they picked it up.


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