Parkhäuser in der Nähe Lille

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Gare de Lille-Europe ECTOR - Service Voiturier

Gare Lille Europe, Lille, France
Über das Parkhaus
Many high speed trains (TGV) leave from the Lille-Europe train station every day, so it won't be no surprise to you to know that finding a parking space close to it can be quite tricky. Plus, it's in the centre of Lille so it's that deadly mix of tourists and locals, which is never a good thing when it comes to finding parking! A solution seems impossible, but we've got one: the ECTOR car park's valet service! In fact, thanks to this service, you won't lose even a minute of your time, because you won't have to find a parking space! :O An ECTOR operator will be at the station when you arrive to pick your car up and take it to a secure and monitored location in the station's surroundings. When you return, the car will be returned to you at the station, just where you'd left it! If you're worried about the price, then stop! The prices are great value, especially for longer stays. Park at the Lille-Europe station is a problem... but only for those who don't reserve a place at the ECTOR car park! Please mind you need to leave the car keys with us.Weniger lesen
Öffnungszeiten des Parkhauses
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Gare Lille Europe, Lille, France