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    SABA Las Arenas

    Überdacht (2.2m)
    0 Min (0m)

    APK2 Herriko Plaza

    Überdacht (2.1m)
    +60 Min (4.0Km)

    PARKIA Juzgados de Barakaldo

    Überdacht (2m)
    +60 Min (4.1Km)

    COPARK Hospital IMQ-Zorrotzaurre

    Überdacht (2.1m)
    +60 Min (8.3Km)

    COPARK Palacio Euskalduna

    Überdacht (2m)
    +60 Min (8.7Km)

    AENA Aeropuerto de Bilbao - General P1

    Überdacht (2.2m)

    FLYPARK - P&R - Aeropuerto de Bilbao

    Überdacht (4m)

    FLYPARK - Valet - Aeropuerto de Bilbao

    Überdacht (4m)

    COPARK Pío Baroja

    Überdacht (2m)
    +60 Min (10.0Km)


    Überdacht (2.15m)
    +60 Min (10.1Km)

    SABA Estación Bilbao

    +60 Min (10.3Km)

    SABA Amestoy - Puerto Castro Urdiales

    Überdacht (2m)
    +60 Min (17.7Km)

SABA Las Arenas

Las Mercedes, s/n
Über das Parkhaus
Car park near the Arenas Station Square. Nearby are the Parish of Our Lady of Mercy and the Hermitage of Santa Ana. It is also close to El Abra Leisure Harbour and the Abra Royal Maritime Club of the Real Sporting Club.
Öffnungszeiten des Parkhauses
24 Stunden am Tag geöffnet
Wie erreiche ich das Parkhaus?

During the purchasing process, select the date you plan to arrive. After making the online payment you will receive a voucher via email with you reservation code. On the date of your reservation, enter the parking lot as usual, take a ticket at the entrance and park in any empty spot. Once you're out of the car, approach the control booth with the Parclick voucher and the ticket you took. Our staff there will check your reservation using the reservation code, and will give you a card that will allow you multiple ins and outs.


Las Mercedes Kalea 34

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