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Île de Groix - Tarif visiteur

Rue Gilles Gahinet
Über das Parkhaus
The times indicated here are approximate. Depending on the port service, the car park will be open 30 minutes before the departure of the first boat (Lorient - Groix) and 30 minutes after the last arrival (Groix - Lorient). "I wish there was a car park near the Port of Lorient so I could go to the Isle of Groix"... Wish granted! With the Île de Groix - Tarif visiteur you will be able to park next to the ferry Terminal "Gare Maritime de Lorient" ;). According to the saying "who sees Groix, sees his happiness". If you're in Lorient, then you have a mandatory visit at the island of Groix. You can start the day by visiting the trou de l'enfer (hell hole)... Yes, you heard right, the Trou de l'Enfer! If you want to swim in crystal clear water, then head to the beaches of Grands-Sables or Sables-Rouges, So... Put your swimsuit on! To sum things up... you will have to dedicate at least an entire day (or more) to fully enjoy the experience on the Island of Groix. Therefore, a good way to start enjoying yourself is to have your car parked near the Port of Lorient ;). This car park on Rue Gilles Gahinet offers very cheap rates for your excursion to the Isle of Groix. Book your place in the Île de Groix - Tarif visiteur car park, take the swimsuit and start the car... The adventure begins now!Weniger lesen
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