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SABA Aeroporto di Brindisi Kiss & Fly - P3

Aeroporto del Salento (P3), 72011. Brindisi, Italia.
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Car park at the Salento Airport, located only a 4-minute walk from the airport terminal. The SABA Aeroporto del Salento Kiss & Fly (P3) car park is the official car park of the Salento Airport , which lets you park at the Salento Airport in an easy, secure and quick way. Thanks to its proximity to the terminal, the P3 car park at the Salento Airport is an ideal option for leaving your car if you must catch a flight from the Salento Airport, and if you don’t want to run the risk of missing your flight because you couldn’t find available parking in time. Booking your parking spot at the SABA Aeroporto del Salento Kiss & Fly (P3) car park, you’ll be certain to find a guaranteed parking spot upon your arrival, to park without delay and leave on time from the Salento Airport. The Salento Airport is also known by the name of Brindisi – Papola Casale Airport, where every day thousands of people pass through, so booking at the P3 car park is the most convenient way to park at the Brindisi Airport. Don’t worry about the time of your flight, since the SABA Aeroporto del Salento Kiss & Fly (P3) car park is open 24 hours, so you can pick-up or park your car at any time, as well as providing staff assistance every day from 8:00 to 24:00. At any other time, you can always contact remote operators available 24/7 by using the intercom in the P3 car park. Also, the P3 car park at the Brindisi Airport is constantly video monitored to ensure greater security during your trip, and is especially useful for passengers. If you’re traveling from the Brindisi Airport, book your parking spot at the SABA Aeroporto del Salento Kiss & Fly (P3) car park and enjoy your flight worry-free.Weniger lesen
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Aeroporto del Salento (P3)


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